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Compounds for Applications in Automotive Passenger Compartments–Uncompromising Technical Solutions

Plastic parts in automotive passenger compartments are subject to high demands. Product quality in general, colour consistency and fastness against common hot light ageing tests in the automotive industry, among others, must be proven. Bada AG is launching numerous innovative product solutions that meet these demands. ...

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>Badalac ABS 30 FR< takes to the skies with Airbus and Boeing

Quite rightly, the aircraft industry has the highest demands on safety worldwide. Compounds delivered in this area consequently have to comply with these immense requirements. Challenged by this task, Bada AG enables the newly developed materials to take to the skies. ...

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VDE and Bada – a Long-Standing Success Story

Particularly in the electrical industry, VDE approved products are not only a welcome decoration but an indispensable requirement for many markets and applications. To meet these customer requirements, VDE has been testing individual compounds for Bada for many years and these products have been given the permission to bear the coveted VDE certification mark. ...

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