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Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Badamid ® C70 FR HF HH

Halogen and phosphorus free flame retardant injection molding type with high heat stabilisation i.e. for electrical components

Badamid ® UL A703 GF30 FR HF

Non halogenated, (red phosphorus and antimony free) flame retardant, 30% glass fibre reinforced injection moulding grade, UL94 listed

Badamid ® LC70 FR HF

Co-Polyamide injection moulding grade, flame retardant without Halogens and without red Phosphorus; broad processing range

Badaflex ® UL TPE-S 60A FR01

UL-listed SEBS Compound based on Styrol-Ethylen-/Butadien-Styrol Copolymer; flame-retardant brominated, ROHS-compliant flame protection

Badamid ® B60 GK30

Low viscosity PA6 injection moulding grade filled with 30% glass beads

Badamid ® B70 GF30 FR HF

PA6 injection moulding grade with 30% glass fibre reinforcement, flame retardant, halogen free

Badalac ® ABS/PA 320 GF30 UV

injection moulding grade with 30% glass fibre reinforcement and UV-stabilisation

Badamid ® B70 TC S2

Easy flowing PA6 injection molding grade, thermally conductive

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