Badaflex where toughness and elasticity count

Badaflex TPE-S are thermoplastic elastomers based on styrol block copolymers. These unite the excellent processing qualities of thermoplastic plastics with the elastomer qualities of rubber. Particularly noteworthy properties include pleasant haptics, maximum toughness, elasticity and low temperature flexibility (down to -50°C) not to mention very good ozone and weather proofness.


The entire product group is available in coloured and transparent nuances.

Badaflex compounds can be widely varied in hardness from Shore 10A to 60D. Heat-resistant, fire-retardant and odour-reduced compounds as well as modifications in respect of surface, deformation and flow quality can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.

Our main strength lies in our specially developed types for 2-component processing: With these, we achieve particularly good adhesion results on various hard components.

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