Badamid Badamid PPA

Badamid Badamid PPA - premium properties for universal implementation options

The Badamid PPA product family comprises compounds based on partially aromatic polyamides. Badamid PPA compounds feature high heat distortion temperatures, good chemical resistance, as well as excellent mechanical properties, making them ideal alternatives for applications that used to be the domain of metalline materials.

Badamid PPA-HT shows melting temperatures of approx. 330°C. With glass fiber reinforcement it features highest heat distortion temperatures and very low water absorption.

Badamid PPA-GP shows similar properties like Badamid PPA-HT, but can be processed with mold temperatures below 100°C. Thus, considerable economic advantages can be obtained by shortened cycle times.

Badamid PPA-HP and PPA-HP2 are blends of PPA and aliphatic polyamides. This combination provides easily moldable compounds showing brilliant surface quality even with high filling grades.

Badamid PPA-HPX and PPA-HP2X show similar properties like Badamid PPA-HP and PPA-HP2. They outperform these products in lower water absorption and processability with mold temperatures below 100°C. In addition, they feature very good weld strength.

Many products have already been subject to further modifications!

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