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About Bada

Bada AG has been manufacturing high quality technical thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers for a diverse spectrum of sectors including the automobile, electronic, sport and leisure, construction, furniture-making, medical technology and household goods industries since 1998. We are well-known as an  innovative compounding specialist and flexible solution provider for our internationally established customers: backed by the latest production technology in efficient processes, our highly qualified, dynamic team develops compounds with precisely the qualities required for our customers’ applications and of key importance to their function. We supply tailored solutions in consistently outstanding quality - and with our extensive sales network, the shortest paths across the globe.

Our innovative products meet your highest standards

High-performance and high temperature plastics, tailor-made and custom modified.

Discover Bada AG’s word of products!



Two new shining stars

Bada AG specializing in the production of tailor-made compounds has established two new shining (but not nonincendive) stars in the firmament of flame retardant polymer compounds: Badamid C70 FR HF HH and Badamid BA70 FR HF HH.

Both products distinguish themselves by a certified long-term stability in addition to a UL94 V-0 classification for all common wall thicknesses. Both have top RTI values (130°C) far below
1 mm wall thickness and are thus predestined for e.g. the switch and clamp market, where they establish a new state-of-the-art. In addition, both types have been tested on the basis of the European standard for railway components EN 45545-2 and awarded the highest classification “hazard level3”. Due to these characteristics, these materials are well suited for any European rail traffic product.

These two unreinforced compounds come from the extensive polyamide product line and are based on a blend of PA66 and PA6 or on a copolyamide. While the copolyamide-based product stands out for its wide processing window (ideal for brilliant colours) and is well suited for snap-fits and integral hinges, Badamid BA70 FR HF HH particularly scores with short cycle times and its high productivity regarding high-volume products.

In comparison to former products, the user benefits from decisive advantages, as this product line has the ability to unite opposites and offers an unprecedented variety of certifications that leaves nothing to be desired by the electronics industry.

According to Bada AG, possible applications and target markets are e.g. housings, switches, insulators, connectors, and contact supports.

The Badamid C70/BA70 FR HF HH product line can be processed by injection moulding and allows for the production of thin-walled, UL94 approved parts with segments down to 0.4 mm wall thickness that facilitate the miniaturization of components.


Transparent Bada Compounds – Insight in New Applications

Bada AG has broadened its product range of transparent plastics for many product groups within the framework of various development projects, which enables them to provide applications that require high transparency of the finished parts.

Badaflex TPE-S 55A 5371LD transparent S1 is a thermoplastic elastomer with good transparency and adhesion. Shore hardness can be widely modified opening
opportunities for applications like suction cups and non-slip coated surfaces.

Badalon PC 30 transparent, a polycarbonate, can be coloured transparently in any colour even for smaller batch sizes, making it the ideal material for e.g. viewing windows and aesthetic parts way beyond mass application.

Bada provides the transparent PP type Badaprop PPH50 transparent for applications that require a fine-crystalline material that is transparent when processed with thin wall thicknesses. This compound stands out for its low density, negligible hygroscopicity and its availability in almost any colour.   

Badamid PPA/PA66 transparent S1 has been developed for very special applications. The use of a special polyamide makes this blend amorphous and combines the benefits of amorphous plastics with those of partially crystalline polyamides: extremely low
processing shrinkage, low warpage, excellent transparency and outstanding chemical resistance, to name just a few examples. Its fields of application are e.g. electronics and mechanical engineering where viewing windows and visible parts are required for process control.

Badamid PPA/PA66 GF15 transparent S1 is a further development of this type. The glass fibre content gives the compound that certain opacity due to light scattering on the fibre. Thus, parts backlit with LCDs or LEDs can be realized – an increasing trend, especially in automotive interiors.

In addition to backlighting, high-gloss surfaces with depth effect (the so-called piano-lacquer look) more and more dominate the interior equipment of motor vehicles. With the above-mentioned compounds, Bada provides a broad product basis that can be used for these applications. When they are coloured with special pigments, a glossy black surface with depth effect can be realized. Do not hesitate to contact us for a
product solution, tailor-made for you!

Bada – our name is synonymous for uncompromising quality

Our certificates are independent evidence of our quality, reliability and sustainable economic activity. Our integrated management system is audited every year both by internal and various independent external auditors. However, a management system must be developed and integrated in daily working routine before it becomes ready to be certified. We adhere to the philosophy that we must continuously improve on the basis of stable processes to ensure sustainable success for both us and our customers. Against this background, Bada will remain a reliable and flexible partner for highest expectations.

We are certified

ISO 16949
ISO 14001