Badamid Badamid PA612

Badamid Badamid PA612 - premium properties for universal implementation options

Badamid PA612 is a partially crystalline thermoplastic, a condensation polymer made from hexamethylenediamine and dodecane diacid. PA612 offers very good chemical resistance to fuels, hydraulic fluids, fats and oils. In addition, it features good impact resistance at low temperatures.

Low coefficients of sliding friction and high abrasion resistance as well as low hygroscipicity expand its favourable property profile. In comparison to PA12, it offers higher heat distortion temperatures (melting point increased by 40°C), higher bending strength and tensile strength, as well as enhanced rebound resilience. Due to its excellent resistance to stress cracking, Badamid PA612 is suitable for insert moulding of metal parts and for housing covers or gaskets in hydraulic clutch systems, among others.

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