Bada – our name is synonymous for uncompromising quality

We demand the highest quality standards of ourselves – in respect of our products and each and every one of our processing stages. The logical outcome of this quality-dominated mindset is certification to ISO/TS 16949 respectively the new IATF16949. In some areas, this certification for the automobile industry goes far beyond ISO 9001 – the basic standard of quality assurance – in that it maps out all interacting processes in our company. This style of efficient quality management allows us not only to eliminate faults in the production process but to avoid them in the first place. This increases our uncompromisingly consistent quality performance in the pursuit of our two most important aims: the fulfilment of all customised demands and long-term, ever-growing customer satisfaction.

Efficient processes save valuable resources, safeguard the environment, and ensure success

As a global player, we are committed to saving vital resources and husbanding them for generations to come, true to the spirit of sustainability. We actively support this commitment and, in our endeavours outstrip the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: according to EMAS requirements (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) of the European Union we have drafted an environment declaration that documents in depth our environment-related factors such as energy consumption, emissions, waste etc. and provides transparency for the general public. This  environmental declaration is examined annually by independent environmental experts and actively implemented on a daily basis by all employees of Bada AG,  in all production processes. The sourcing of new, increasingly efficient options for a holistic approach to environmental protection, using the latter and consistently improving our environmental performance are further fixed, self-evident aspects of our future and quality-oriented activities.

This is underlined by our good results with regard to Responsible Care.

However, to us, sustainability is much more. In addition to our uncompromising quality concept and our long-time commitment to environmental protection, we are committed to our employees, partners and our neighbourhood. We train and develop our employees, making high demands on health and safety at work. We support our suppliers in their development and at the same time benefit from their experience for our continuous improvement. In addition, we support social, cultural and sports projects and events in our region. And last but not least, we try to improve a bit every day.

This self-concept and our daily effort aim for and at the same time result in the same thing: We support our customers to the best of our ability and thus ensure long-term success for all of us – our employees, our suppliers, our company, our site and above all: long-term success for our customers.

We are certified

ISO 16949
ISO 14001
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