Our technology: flexible and future-extendable

Optimisation and rationalisation of development and production processes were the mainspring of the construction of our new Bühl factory. As manufacturer of application-specific technical plastic-based compounds, we produce predominantly small batches of between 2,000 and 4,000 kg, frequently requiring a change of formula – up to 12 time a day. Our new, highly modern production facilities are precision-geared to the demands of our wide and, in part highly specialised product spectrum: A good plant self-cleaning system considerably reduces cleaning outlay in view of the frequent product changes, thus assuring through-going production efficiency.
Material bottlenecks are avoided by high plant availability in the feeding of extrusion lines. High torque compounding extruders assure the perfect quality of products, upstream gravimetrical dosing guarantees high formula and colour trueness, priorities we rate highly for all our compounds. First and foremost, however, our aim is to achieve process reliability and flexibility in the future: the universal technology of our plant equipment can be extended modularly to accommodate all future innovations by Bada AG.

Our colour lab: premium-quality colour measurement and assessment 

The backbone of our entrepreneurial spirit, innovative power and flexibility, are particularly evident in the colour measurement and assessment of our compounds: in our state-of-the-art colour lab we have access to the latest equipment, e.g. lab extruder, colour measuring instruments by Data-Color and Minolta or several injection moulding machines. Here, state-of-the-art technology combines with precision and the experience of our employees in innovative processes that produce outstanding colour results.

Colour adjustment: years of know-how invested in every nuance

One of our specialties is the colouring of plastics. Calling upon many years of know-how we can create any nuance the customer requires in our state-of-the art laboratory. Innovative processes allow us to dispense entirely with standard colours or ready-made pigment mixtures. Instead, we compose each shade from individual colour components thus achieving a high degree of flexibility in colour adjustment: we even guarantee absolute colour fidelity for compounds that contain colour-modifying components, e.g.  fire retardant agents, fibre glass or modifiers. This also allows us to react to even tiniest influences, such as the inherent variations of various raw materials and assure exceptional colour consistency both within and between the various batches.

We are certified

ISO 16949
ISO 14001
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