Flame retardant compounds with UL certification

UL or “Underwriters Laboratories“ is a universal certification body. Some industries within the processing plastics industry require certifications of the plastics supplied, the so-called “Yellow Cards” issued by the Underwriters Laboratories.

Bada AG has an extensive portfolio of plastic types listed with UL. Here, Bada AG focusses on flexibility. Most of the types listed with UL are available in all colours within their respective listing. Some types are listed as glass fibre range, meaning that all adjustments in between the limiting samples tested by UL are listed as well.

If you cannot find the desired type after all, Bada AG will offer a “custom UL Listing”, meaning that we will have the properties of your customized type listed for you and provide you with the UL card for further usage.


We are certified

ISO 16949
ISO 14001
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