Badadur Badadur Blends

Badadur Badadur Blends - Muy resistente y firme en cualquier aplicación

Components made of thermoplastics are required to fulfil high demands. Often these requirements are so specific that they cannot be met by just one type of plastic. In such cases Bada AG’s polymer concept is the effective solution.

Bada offers a variety of highly specialized product solutions based on PBT. Compared to pure PBT, PBT/PC blends show increased impact resistance and lower shrinkage. PBT can achieve higher dimensional stability under heat when it is blended with PET. If the highest possible dimensional stability is required, PBT/ASA blends are the best choice.

Customized modifications of these blends, e.g. with fillers, modified impact resistance or individual colouring are available on request even in small batches.


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