Badalac Badalac Blends de polimeros - Especialidades y mezclas a gusto del cliente

Components made of thermoplastics are required to fulfil high demands. Often these requirements are so specific that they cannot be met by just one type of plastic. In such cases Bada AG’s polymer concept is the effective solution.

Bada offers ABS/PC, ASA/PC, as well as PBT/PC blends based on polycarbonate. This group of materials stands out for its excellent impact resistance and - depending on the blending partner- its brilliant or matt surfaces. It is predominantly applied for passenger compartments and housing components.

Compared to pure PBT, PBT blends with PET show higher dimensional stability under heat and are suitable for challenging applications. PBT/ASA blends are predestined for components with high dimensional stability.

Badalac ABS/PA and ASA/PA with polyamide as blending component captivate by matt surfaces, excellent dimensional stabilities under heat, as well as outstanding impact resistance properties. Matt surfaces do not require additional finishing and are thus a very good choice for components used in passenger compartments.

The above-mentioned types can be modified in a variety of ways on customer request, e.g. with fillers to increase rigidity or by additional impact resistance modification. Colouring in popular automotive colours is a matter of course. Please contact us directly for customized solutions.


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