Badamid Badamid PA510

Badamid Badamid PA510 - Características de primera clase con posibilidades de aplicación

Badamid PA510 is an engineering thermoplastic entirely based on renewable resources. Thus, Bada accommodates the key topic sustainability, which is and will become increasingly important.

Badamid PA510 has a melting point similar to PA6, which makes it superior to polyamide PA12 and PA612 regarding thermostability. With its other properties being quite similar to PA12 and PA612, Badamid PA510 is an interesting biobased alternative.

When it comes to product variety, Badamid PA510 is equally versatile as our standard polyamides. Impact modification, fibre reinforcement, tribological modification, and flame retardancy in addition to tailor-made dyeing form the basis of this product line. Please contact our Application Technology for your individual compound.


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