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Badalon ® PC 20 TF20

Lubricated Polycarbonate injection moulding grade; with 20% PTFE for outstanding tribological performance

Badamid ® PA12 MoS2

unverstärktes, mittelviskoses Polyamid 12, tribologisch optimiert mittels Molybdänsulfid

Badaflex ® TPE-S 70A 5239 UV EX S1

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPS-SEBS), Extrusion grade with high melt strength, superior surface quality

Badadur ® PBT9 GF30 S1

High viscosity, 30% glass fibres reinforced injection moulding grade, suitable for drinking water applications according to DVGW W270

Badamid ® B60 GF20/GK20

Polyamid 6 injection moulding grade, dimensionally stable due to 20% glass beads, with 20% glass fibres

Badadur ® PBT8 GF20 MoS2 2%

Medium viscosity, 20% glass fiber reinforced PBT injection molding grade, lubricated with molybdenium disulfide

Badaflex ® TPE-S 80A 1032

leichtfliessendes Thermoplastisches Elastomer auf Basis SEBS mit verbessertem DVR

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