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Construcción de máquinas

Ingeniería Mecánica

Ingeniería Mecánica

Badaflex ® TPU 80A 8049 GK20 natural S1

Thermoplastisches Elastomer auf Basis Polyester-Polyurethan; 20% Glaskugel gefüllte Spritzgusstype; zusätzliche Nukleierung

Badamid ® PA12 FM-Z3 natural S3

Hochviskose Extrusionstype für flexible Schläuche

Badatech HT ® PEEK 3111 GF30 uncoloured

30% glass fibre filled Polyetheretherketon (PEEK), high viscosity, for thermally and chemically stressed parts

Badatech HT ® PEEK 2111 CF10/GR10/TF10 uncolored

10% carbon fibres filled Polyetheretherketon (PEEK) for tribological applications

Badamid ® A80 CF10 TF20 natural

10% carbon fibres reinforced medium viscosity injection moulding grade with good mechanical and tribological properties

Badamid ® UL B70 GF35 black

Polyamid 6 mit 35% Glasfasern verstärkte Standard –Spritzgusstype, UL- gelistet

Badamid ® PPA-HT CF15 TF20 H black

Heat stabilized injection moulding grade based on PPA for tribological applications

Badatron ® PPS GF30 LG natural

30% glass fiber reinforced injection molding grade

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