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Á propos de nous

La société Bada AG fabrique depuis 1998 des thermoplastes techniques et élastomères thermoplastiques de qualité supérieure pour des secteurs aussi variés que l’automobile, l’électronique, le sport, les loisirs, le bâtiment, la construction de meubles, la technique médicale et l’électroménager. Nos services de compoundeur spécial novateur et la flexibilité de nos prestations nous ont permis de conquérir une clientèle internationale. Notre équipe dynamique hautement qualifiée utilise des techniques de production hautement modernes et efficaces pour mettre au point des compounds présentant exactement les caractéristiques requises pour l’application du client et essentielles à son bon fonctionnement. Nos solutions sur mesure témoignent d’une qualité égale à un haut niveau et elles sont, grâce à notre réseau de distribution étendu, disponibles dans le monde entier de la manière la plus rapide possible.

Nos produits innovants

Nos produits innovants ainsi que nos plastiques à haute performance et haute température, adaptés comme un gant et modifiés selon les souhaits du client.

Découvrez l'univers des produits Bada !




The world of polyamides is gigantic and its variety enormous: PA6, PA66, PA46, and PA6T are just a few members of the large polyamide family. So why should a compounder like Bada, who already offers all these materials, still admit another new member to the family?

To answer this, one has to take a look at the property profile of this new star in the firmament: Badamid PA9T.

Hygroscopicity: Badamid PA9T with a water absorption of approx. 2% performs better than a polyamide 6 by a factor of four and approaches the value of the low-temperature polyamide PA12. In addition to its excellent dimensional accuracy, this value allows for excellent reflow soldering in the field of electrical engineering even after conditioning. Blistering during lead-free soldering is not an issue with Badamid PA9T components due to the low water content even after prolonged storage. In this context, it is important to emphasize its excellent dyeability and colour stability even after a reflow soldering process. This property makes this material the preferred match for coloured connectors.

Dimensional stability under heat: Near-engine applications are predestined for PA9T due to its high melting point and its glass transition temperature. Compared to PA46, both polyamides have melting points close to 300°C, whereas Badamid PA9T has a glass transition temperature of 125°C, which is more than twice as high. Thus, it shows very constant properties within a high temperature range.


Chemical resistance: Whether fuel, motor oil, liquid saline solutions or alcohols, you will always find our Badamid PA9T at the top of the resistance list compared to other competitive polyamides. Manufacturers of „quick connectors“ for fuel lines recognize the difference and often apply our material.

Did we pique your interest? In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Bada AG has the competence to provide these products readily dyed, so connectors housings and electric components can be produced in your preferred colour, not only in black and white but according to your wishes!



Successful quality management in times of Corona

The effectiveness of Bada AG's quality management could be demonstrated again during successful audit by TÜV Rheinland in 2020.

In addition, the current situation in the corona pandemic shows that well-functioning (quality) management offers significant advantages. BADA was able to deal with critical questions at an early stage, took measures to protect employees and prevent corona-related negative impacts and at the same time secure customer supply at all times on the basis of long-standing, good supplier relationships. Bada AG stood and stands by its customers throughout as a reliable and flexible partner.

Established processes allow to respond quickly and flexible to individual wishes and latest developments. The successes achieved by this means encourages all employees at Bada to further develop Bada´s management system and to continuously keep the philosophy of "Quality - Reliability - Flexibility" with the aim of always satisfied customers alive.


Interplastica Moscou - 28. - 31. janv. 2020

Interplastica est une salon internationale spécialisée de transformation des plastiques et du caoutchouc et la plateforme leader de l'industrie de la région. Il offre un aperçu représentatif de machines et d'équipements pour l'industrie des plastiques et caoutchouc, ainsi que le traitement et le recyclage des machines, d'outils et d'équipements périphériques, de mesure, de contrôle, de régulation et de vérification des technologies, matières premières et auxiliaires, des plastiques et produits en caoutchouc, la logistique, la technologie des entrepôts et des services. Les participants à la Interplastica proviennent principalement de la transformation des matières plastiques et les industries chimiques, ainsi que de la mécanique et les industries utilisatrices. La présence internationale énorme offre aux professionnels du commerce de l'occasion unique d'acquérir une vue d'ensemble des innovations de tous les coins du globe qui sont spécialement adaptés au marché russe.

Meet us at booth - 2.3B24


Dimensionally stable and high-precision TPU for thick-walled components

If abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, seal effect and highest strain values without tearing are required, TPU is the answer. The benefits of thermoplastic urethanes are beyond doubt and cannot be achieved by other polymers in many respects.

Those who have already processed a soft TPU know that processing and demoulding can be a challenge for both man and machine. Especially with changes in wall thickness and areas that are hard to demould, demoulding can become an art in itself. Remedial measures like blowing out or mould release agents are sometimes of little help.

Working with TPU, changes in wall thickness often lead to sink marks or out-of-round parts. If plane parallelism or concentricity is required, the user may very well despair of the material as high shrinkage and difficult processing of a conventual TPU can be counterproductive.

Here, Bada AG’s new development comes in. A new product group of TPUs filled with newly developed and especially compatibilized glass beads make these grades behave like a conventional TPU in terms of strain values and flexibility. When it comes to moulding, these types are vastly superior to conventional TPU in terms of processing, shrinkage, sink marks and demoulding and all this at an economically more attractive price. In addition, the well-known stickiness of soft TPUs also decreases. Suddenly, tool handles with TPU as handle material are much more comfortable to hold and this with the same chemical and oil resistance.

You will find both the advantages and disadvantages visualized in the attached diagram.

Have we piqued your interest? In addition to the stated advantages, Bada AG has the expertise to supply readily coloured products. Thus, machine handles and components can be processed readily coloured in opaque or translucent colours. Attached you will find a photo of a type in shore hardness 80A with 20% glass beads coloured in several customer-specific colours.

Bada – notre nom est synonyme d’une qualité sans concession

Nos certificats se font les témoins indépendants de notre qualité, de notre fiabilité et de la gestion à long terme de notre entreprise. Notre système de gestion intégré est vérifié, en l'occurrence, chaque année, non seulement par des auditeurs internes, mais également par plusieurs auditeurs extérieurs indépendants. Avant de pouvoir certifier un système de gestion, il convient, tout d'abord, de le mettre sur pied et de le vivre. Il nous paraît évident, dans ce contexte, de nous perfectionner en permanence à partir de processus stables, afin d'assurer une prospérité durable à nous-mêmes et à nos clients. C'est sur cette base que Bada demeure un partenaire fiable et conciliant pour affronter les impératifs les plus rigoureux.

Nous sommes certifié

ISO 16949
ISO 14001