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About Bada

Bada AG has been manufacturing high quality technical thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers for a diverse spectrum of sectors including the automobile, electronic, sport and leisure, construction, furniture-making, medical technology and household goods industries since 1998. We are well-known as an  innovative compounding specialist and flexible solution provider for our internationally established customers: backed by the latest production technology in efficient processes, our highly qualified, dynamic team develops compounds with precisely the qualities required for our customers’ applications and of key importance to their function. We supply tailored solutions in consistently outstanding quality - and with our extensive sales network, the shortest paths across the globe.

Our innovative products meet your highest standards

High-performance and high temperature plastics, tailor-made and custom modified.

Discover Bada AG’s word of products!



Badalac ABS 30 FR< takes to the skies with Airbus and Boeing

Quite rightly, the aircraft industry has the highest demands on safety worldwide. Compounds delivered in this area consequently have to comply with these immense requirements. Challenged by this task, Bada AG enables the newly developed materials to take to the skies.

The fire class is an essential factor, in addition to an excellent surface and mechanical stability. >Badalac ABS 30 FR< perfectly combines all these qualities.

The CS/FAR 25.853 standard measures and qualifies afterflame times, burning distance and the fact if the material produces burning droplets. >Badalac ABS 30 FR< clearly underruns the safety values of all the three tests, consequently our material fulfils the relevant requirements according to the CS/FAR 25.853 standard. In addition, it is listed with UL94 V-0 for all colours.

Colour adjustments are no issue for >Badalac ABS 30 FR<. No wonder that standard colours like brown and oyster white are joined by pearl white, different shades of grey, and blue. It goes without saying that any other colour can be provided as well. We will be happy to adjust your individual colour. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Airbus family A320 and Boeing 737-800 of the international S7 Airlines (www.s7.ru) and Globus Airlines are equipped with parts made of

>Badalac ABS 30 FR< for seat panels and luggage compartments. S7 Airlines with headquarters in Moscow operates 120 flights per day and carries 10.6 million passengers per year. The parts are produced by Sibir Technics LLC, domiciled in Novosibirsk/Russia, a company of ENGINEERING Holding, a leading MRO in Russia (www.engineering-ru.com). Sibir Technics LLC holds BDCA, RCAA and especially EASA Par 21-G as well as EASA Part-21J certificates and certifications. This allows producing plastic parts for above mentioned aircraft.

The profitable development partnership between Sibir Technics LLC and Bada AG enabled both companies to realise successful projects. You too can benefit from a successful cooperation with Bada!


Badaflex UL TPE-S

Bada AG that is specialized in tailor-made compounds has launched a special range of TPE-S compounds for the electrical and electronics industry with its new product line Badaflex UL TPE-S.

According to Bada, gaskets, charging plugs, flexible compounds, and surfaces with pleasant haptics are possible fields of application, which the new product line Badaflex UL TPE-S xA FR01 will attend to. Here, x stands for a variable, user-definable hardness between 40 and 90A.

In comparison to former products, the user has crucial advantages, as this product line is listed with UL for the flame classes tested in V0 (self-extinguishing & no flaming drips).

Bada AG’s UL certification covers all thicknesses ranging from 0.4-3.0 mm to offer its customers maximum freedom of design. This enables us to produce both very soft and stronger products in almost any component thickness, certified by the respective UL Yellow Card. In addition to black and ecru, the certifications are valid for each tailor-made colour adjustment, Bada AG will be pleased to realize for their customers.

The product line Badaflex UL TPE-S can be processed via injection moulding or extrusion. It can also be processed with polyolefins in multi-component applications.


Badamid UL A703 GF20-35 FR HF: RTI Values Available

It is good news for our customers of the E/E industry that Bada AG was happy to announce at the turn of the year. The long-awaited RTI values of Badamid UL A703 GF20-35 FR HF are now available on the Yellow Card.

Badamid UL A703 GF20-35 FR HF is a glass fibre reinforced and halogen-free flame resistant compound based on polyamide 66. Our customers can choose from glass fibre contents between 20% to a maximum of 35% and still benefit from the product range’s UL listing. According to Bada AG’s information, it currently is the only PA66 compound in the market that can be produced in optional colours with glass fibre contents ranging between 25% and 35% still retaining its f1 listing with UL with the highest flame class V0 up to 0.4 mm. Thus, e.g., it is the optimum material for outdoor usage being exposed to UV light and/or water.

The RTI values are results we can be proud of because they offer our customers new application opportunities. For example, all materials of the Badamid UL A703 GF20-35 FR HF product range have achieved RTI (Elec) of 120°C for wall thicknesses up to 0.4 mm. We have also achieved outstanding 120°C for RTI (Imp), which again proves the material’s excellent heat ageing resistance.

Typical applications for this material are charging plugs in the field of electromobility, electronic housings for outdoor usage. And due to its excellent CTI values (isolation), it can be used for all applications in the high voltage area. Even thin wall thicknesses will not cause any problem for Badamid UL A703 GF20-35 FR HF thanks to its good flow properties.

Do you have any questions? Do you need any data sheets or UL cards? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our Application Technology will be happy to assist you!


Successful Eco-Audit according to ISO 14001 and EMAS

Again, Bada AG has successfully passed the eco-management audit according to ISO 14001 and the more comprehensive audit according to EMAS III this year.

This time, the audit has already been influenced by the modified ISO 14001:2015 and the upcoming revision of EMAS IV. The international eco-management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 is an integral part of EMAS. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) stands for systematic operational environmental protection with particularly high demands exceeding the scope regulated by law. Thus, EMAS is one of the most demanding systems for sustainable eco-management worldwide.

Bada has consistently been addressing any room for improvement and every recommendation in their daily work, regardless of changing standards. The environmental auditor Henning von Knobelsdorff confirmed the company’s long history of continuous improvement and pointed out its excellent work within the framework of the eco-management system. It is obvious that ecological and economic approaches go hand in hand at Bada AG. “We will go to any lengths to continue our success story in the years to come.” With positive attitude, Andreas Schettler, CEO of Bada AG, closed the audit in bright sunlight.

Bada – our name is synonymous for uncompromising quality

Our certificates are independent evidence of our quality, reliability and sustainable economic activity. Our integrated management system is audited every year both by internal and various independent external auditors. However, a management system must be developed and integrated in daily working routine before it becomes ready to be certified. We adhere to the philosophy that we must continuously improve on the basis of stable processes to ensure sustainable success for both us and our customers. Against this background, Bada will remain a reliable and flexible partner for highest expectations.

We are certified

ISO 16949
ISO 14001