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О нас

С 1998 года Bada AG производит высококачественные технические термопласты и термопластичные эластомеры для различных отраслей промышленности. Сферы применения наших продуктов — автомобилестроение, строительство, производство электроники, медицинской техники, спортивного инвентаря и изделий для досуга, мебели и товаров для дома. Наша компания хорошо известна как разработчик инновационных компаундов и гибких решений для заказчиков во всем мире. Bada внедряет новейшие технологии для повышения эффективности производственных процессов. Мы разрабатываем компаунды, которые в точности отвечают требованиям заказчиков и готовы к решению конкретных задач. Наши продукты отличаются неизменно высоким качеством, а обширная торговая сеть компании позволяет оперативно осуществлять поставки в любую точку мира.

Наша инновационная продукция

Наша инновационная продукция, а также высокотемпературные и конструкционные полимерные компаунды - уникаты, разработанные с учетом Ваших запросов!  

Откройте для себя мир наших продуктов!




Bada AG set a new benchmark for halogen-free flame-retardant polyamides on the plastics market with two newly developed products Badamid C70 FR HF HH and Badamid BA70 FR HF HH. Both materials captivate with an outstanding technical property profile combined with flame retardance and short cycle times in the injection moulding process.

Both material types are flame-protected according to UL94 V-0 up to a wall thickness of 0.4mm and achieve highest RTI values up to 130°C.

Bada AG has added their well-established products Badamid UL A703 GF(XY) FR HF und Badalac UL ABS 30 FR01 listed with 5VA according to UL94 to the existing Yellow Card. With this additional listing, now it is also possible to use both materials for covers and housings that are positioned in the direct vicinity of electronic contacts. Furthermore, the minimal wall thickness of 0.75 mm has been listed for Badalac UL ABS 30 FR01 enabling thinner wall thicknesses to be produced with this material, too. The new product can be coloured much better and has been further optimized with regard to its mechanical characteristics.

The materials mentioned above are topped off with the product group Badaflex UL TPE-S 40-90A FR01. This is a flame-protected soft plastic based on SEBS with a Shore-A range of 40° to 90°. Like the materials mentioned above, it is listed with UL94-V0 up to a wall thickness of 0.4mm, which makes it the ideal material for thin walled parts like gaskets that are supposed to have flame-retardant properties. We would like to highlight that Badaflex UL TPE-S 40-90A FR01 can easily be processed by injection moulding and coloured in a broad range of colours.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to assist you that the selection of the right material runs smoothly.



Have you also been worried in the last few days about the further supply of raw materials for your existing PA66-based product?
Are you currently looking for a solution?

The company Bada AG, specialized in the production of customer-specific compounds, has done extensive development work in the last few months and can now offer several alternatives to the currently scarce PA66 shortly before the start of the Fakuma. Some alternatives not only offer similar performance, Bada AG has even set itself the task of offering added value.

The product group Badamid PA-HP2 offers not only a mechanical alternative to the well-known PA66 glass-reinforced grades. Products made of this material also have 10-20% higher mechanical properties freshly injected with the same glass fibre content, play in the same league commercially and receive confirmation upon purchase that these grades are manufactured without ADN in the pre-product rail and are therefore not affected by a foreseeable shortage of this PA66 pre-product. Highly filled surfaces from this material appear mirror-smooth and the often hated glass fiber streaks are almost completely missing with this product group.

If you are looking for lower water absorption with PA66 than with PA6, Bada AG can fall back on a broad portfolio of PA6 blends, which are conditioned to have the same or lower water absorption as a comparable PA66 product. Here, too, Bada AG ensures a commercially neutral solution when designing recipes.

Have you not yet found what you are looking for with this small selection of alternatives? No problem, Bada AG offers (potential) customers a so-called "Cross Check". Simply ask for the type used so far with the corresponding technical/commercial data (application, most important characteristic values, annual quantity, lot size, scale price) and Bada AG will offer you possible alternatives with a technical data sheet.



Plastics used in the automotive industry are subject to versatile stress factors. They are supposed to be weather-proof, resistant against high temperatures, diverse chemicals and media, as well as wear-resistant. Bada AG will present its broad product range for this field of application at the Fakuma 2018.

Engine compartment

High dimensional stability under heat and ageing resistance are an absolute must for engine compartment applications and adjacent fields. Thus, compounds based on Badamid PPA as well as Badatron PPS, which are available in various reinforcement and modification grades are well suited for e.g. thermostat housings and parts in the area of charge air pipes. Highly flexible hoses, e.g. for windshield washer fluid can be realised with our highly toughness-modified Badamid B80 schwarz S3. Our heat stabilized Badamid B70 TM-Z2H is suited for the respective mounting clips and can be overmoulded with the adhesion-modified Badaflex TPE-S 50A 1659 2K for specialized parts.

Exteriors and Roofing

It is essential that parts used for automotive exteriors are resistant to dry and humid weather conditions caused by sunlight and other atmospheric exposure. Compounds with high toughness and UV stabilisation like Badalac ASA/PC and Badalac ASA/PA are applied for sunroof guide rails and air deflectors. The respective sealing profiles can be produced with the extrudable and UV stabilized Badaflex TPE-S 70A 5239 UV EX S1.

Gear wheels and slide shoes for sunroofs can be manufactured from the tribologically modified compounds Badamid A70 GF30 TF3 H as well as Badadur PBT GF20 MoS2.

Plastic parts at the hinged bracket of windscreen wipers are supposed to provide extraordinary dimensional stability. For this purpose, Bada offers a product solution with very low hygroscopicity and high resistance to wiper fluid and other solvents: the mineral filled, heat stabilized Badamid PA12 GM30 H.  

Parts used in the head lamp area is the preserve of Badamid PA46 GF25 schwarz. Plugs made of this material stand out for their high dimensional stability under heat and their low tendency to creep.

Our flagship for outdoor applications is a combination of materials consisting of ABS/PC-GF20 and TPE that has been coordinated in terms of adhesion. The main component ABS/PC 130 GF20 H UV schwarz offers dimensional stability under heat beyond 130°C as well as high rigidity due to its glass fibre content. The soft component TPE-S 60A 5206 UV 2K schwarz optimally adheres to ABS/PC based compounds and passes established ageing tests under heat and light exposure. This material assembly is well-suited for all applications, in which the hard components must be overmoulded for better haptics and appearance, e.g. handles on the boot and various mouldings.


Bada’s special strength, tailor-made modification and colouring of compounds is particularly evident in automotive interiors.

Heat and UV stabilized Badamid B70 GF30 H UV is applied for sun visors, e.g. in satin black and pearl grey. Badalac ASA/PC 120 H UV AS convinces with high light stability and antistatic properties in the oddments tray that is also subject to high light exposure.

Inlay mats and oddments tray mats require good haptics, excellent flowability and absolute colour fidelity of the compound. Badaflex TPE-S 65A 5331 is an established product for this field of application available in all common automotive colours and freely variable regarding Shore hardness.

Visible parts with very high rigidity require extensive formulation know-how in order to combine high surface quality with a high filling degree, a combination that may be contractionary at first glance. Bada’s top product in this area is Badamid PPA-HP GF60 H, which realizes long complex flow paths and flawless surfaces despite high filling degree – properties that are a matter of course for visible fins and mouldings. Its high filling degree and partially aromatic character guarantee very high rigidity and dimensional stability under heat. Badamid B70 GF50 H UV LB has been developed particularly for all control levers positioned in the steering wheel area. High rigidity and surface quality are combined with excellent laser marking properties in very bright white.

Our broad product range does not provide the solution you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us und put us to the challenge! Our material specialists and developers will assist you to define the material tailor-made for your application.

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