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Рынок спорта и досуга

Рынок спорта и досуга

Рынок спорта и досуга

Badamid ® A70 GF15 TM-Z3

Impact modified PA66 injection molding grade, 15% glass fiber reinforcement, for technical parts with high stiffness and toughness

Badaflex ® TPE-E 55D 1932 S1

Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer for injection moulding

Badaflex ® TPE-S 60A 1087 2K

Thermoplastic Elastomer as a standard injection moulding grade based on SEBS Copolymer, modified to have adhesion to PA6 and PA66

Badamid ® B70 S UV

Polyamide 6 injection moulding grade for short cycle times, UV-stabilized

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